Omaha Poker, which is also referred to as Omaha Hi, is a type of card game or hold ‘em game where four-hole cards are used in playing instead of the usual two. During the showdown of the game, the player who has the best 5 card hand will win. This is going to involve three […]

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Many people will argue that more than the gameplay of poker, the game’s distinguishing characteristic is its manner of betting. Throughout the development of the game, betting received a good deal of attention in order to minimize confusion, create better security, and just generally make gameplay faster. There may be variations in rules and etiquettes […]

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Texas Hold’em is a popular version of poker and is the main game that is played in tournaments. Back in the early 2000’s, ESPN began airing Hold’em tournaments on their stations. People immediately fell in love with the game. It quickly caught on and exploded in popularity throughout those years. Since then, Texas Hold’em has […]